Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fancy Nancy "Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day" by Jane O'Connor & Robin Preiss Glasser

Published by:  Harper Collins Publishers
Ages:  4-7
Pages: 30
Dust Jacket & Fully Illustrated Book Cover

Grammie Bee's Buzz :

Ooh La La!  Nancy has gotten very fancy once again and has created a beauty spa for her mom to help celebrate her birthday.  Daddy is taking her mom out for dinner, so Nancy is going to help her become beautiful for their date.

In her own perfectly fancy way, Fancy Nancy goes over the top and has loads of fun with face masks, nail polishes, and hair products, etc...  All these to the delight of the darling girls in your lives, I feel sure!

My little grands Hadley and Ella are just the age for these little Fancy Nancy books.  Hadley loves them!  Since her mommy's birthday is in November, it's the perfect time to make sure Hadley gets a copy, too.

One thing that makes this book fun for moms as well as fancy little girls is that Ms's O'Connor and Glasser have included the nifftiest recipes and craft instructions for you.
These include a face mask recipe, fruit & yogurt parfait, how to make a braid and others.
Fun, fun!

Bring your little one to see the videos of Fancy Nancy and this book on my sidebar.  

And, please let us know if you have purchased this already for your little one, and how they like it.

Grammie gives 5 bees to this brilliant book!

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