Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Llama, Llama Holiday Drama" by Anna Dewdney ~ For Early Christmas Rushes!

Published by:  Penguin Group
Pages:  40
Ages:  3-5

The Story in a Nutshell:

Publishers Weekly~
In his fourth outing, Llama Llama learns what many children know: waiting for Christmas is tough. Shopping, making cookies, school activities, and unpacking Christmas tree lights proves "too much everything for Llama" and he has a "Holidrama" meltdown. Luckily, Mama is there to remind him: "Sometimes we should take a rest/ and hold the ones we love the best." Dewdney delivers a familiar holiday message with grace, as Mama and Llama Llama snuggle on a tranquil spread, next to their undecorated tree. Overwhelmed by holiday excitement and expectation, Llama Llama is as relatable as ever.

The Buzz from Grammie:

I loved this book from the moment I saw it!  It so reminded me of my little boys (and girl) when they were small and didn't really understand all about the holidays...bearly understood Christmas...and yet, were getting caught up in all the makings of the whole thing.

Soon the waiting became too much, and they would come to me with those sad eyes asking when was Christmas coming, anyway??

It was this memory that made me grab this sweet book from the shelf and know in that second that it belonged to my Moon and Stars grandboy.  He is the special one to get this book as his "before Christmas" story this year.

There's just something of the kind heart of the little Llama that reminds me of this one of my very precious grandchildren.  I wish him and all of my darling grands the best of fun in the Christmas festivites as they wait for the special night to come, and I want them all to know that love is the best gift of all; it always was, and it always will be.

Grammie gives the Llama 5 sugar spun ribbons

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