Friday, July 29, 2011

Weddings and Summertime Flowergirls ~ Books for Babes

Publisher:  Random House
Paperback:  24 pgs
Ages:  4-8

At least once in their lives our daughters and grandgirls will be called upon to be the second main attraction in a wedding.  This will be one of the happiest and most important days in their lives...and in the lives of the moms and grandmothers, too.  Nevermind the poor dads and grandpops who just wait in the wings, hands in pockets, nodding their heads and smiling.  :]

My grandgirl, Hadley, is sure to be a flowergirl this summer, so I found this girly book for her.  The cover is beautiful, and the message and illustrations inside are clearly drawn for her Kindergarden and Up age group.

This dear little book even answers questions for big girls like, "Do I get to wear make up?"  Oh, no!! 

Publisher:  Penguin Group (USA)
Paperback:  16 pgs
Age group:  Grammie Bee says ~ 4-1st Gr. (Posted Preschool)

This sweet book has lots of stickers to add to the story and fun about being a flowergirl for a child's aunt's wedding.  Much of the day's anxieties are swept away as a child sees the day take place in full, sees her part in the happy day, and finds lots of ways with her stickers to make it her own. She is helpful to her aunt as well as being a big part of the wedding ceremony.

Publisher:  Scholastics, Inc.
Hardback:  32 pgs
Price Range:  $7 on sale
Age:  Grammie Bee says ~4-K (Listed for Pre-K)

"One Little Flower Girl" shows us the story of a happy little girl who comes to understand her very important part of the wedding party.  This book has darling watercolor illustrations and a simple story in rhyme that will delight little flowergirls.

An easy-to-read book, it takes the mystery away and explains the role of a special flowergirl. The hardback book is such a pretty quality it could be given as a bride's gift to the flowergirl, as well.

Finally, who can resist paperdolls, especially with the new addition of GLITTER!?  This is a two-page Dover Publication paperdoll set to dress and play with that any little girl can use to act out or reinact a wedding party.  My grandgirls love paperdolls, and so does Grammie Bee! 

I wonder how many grams out there remember their first paperdoll set?  Mine was of Princess Grace in her wedding gown and honeymoon dresses.  From there it was Elizabeth Taylor and on...

Hopefully, Grammie Bee has given you some ideas on books for your flowergirls this season.  Of course there are a couple of ring bearer books, as well, for boys in the same age groups.  We just focused on girls this time.

Let me know what your wedding and flowergirls looked like this summer!

Grammie Bee~ Buzzin' Out

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