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Oh, my!  I have wanted to bring childrens' books to grandparents and parents for such a long time.  Having 7 little grands of my own, I've found it's not always easy to ferret-out the best and brightest of books for them because of the lack of reviews.

My grands range in ages from 9 to 1, so you can imagine how long I've been at this hunt for books that will engage, as well as teach them. In our family, books are of primary importance, so my grandchildren already have extensive libraries of their own.  (Most of that library is made up of books sent by Grammie!)

Here are some of the books I've found that my little grands have loved:

Boys and girls ages 2-4:
Publishers:  Harper-Collins, and Stirling
Ages to Pre-K (and K-1 Grammie thinks)
Price: Ranges from $3.19 to 3.99 with discounts for used

The Book of 7 in a collection.  These are the early books including the darling book about dressing oneself.  Highly recommended if you would like a large book with several books included in one.  I find the children prefer the single book format, however, if they are younger since it's easier to hold and thumb through for them.
Little Critter loves doing things with his grandparents.  This is one of many of his adventures with his grands.  He also goes to the beach, goes on the bus and does other fun things with each of them.  This group is especially good for children whose grandparents are not living close-by.  I'm a grandparent who lives several states away from mine, and I've found this group of Little Critter's a sweet way to keep in touch.
Here is a Lil' Critter book that appeals to little girls and boys at the same time!  My granddaughter, Hadley, just loves to garden (4 yrs. old), and so does one of my grandsons, Kellan (3 yrs.). This was just the right book for them this summer.
Kellan's very favorite variety store burned down this summer!  This book was just perfect to help him understand what firemen and firetrucks are all about.  He points out the ashes of "Cormie's" every day on the way to school, but now he understands what happened and how the firetrucks helped.  Great little book to put things in perspective for a little guy.

Special Books for Grandgirls :
Here's just a taste of what the fashionista's in the youngest set are loving this year...

Publisher:  Scholastics, Inc.
Hardcover  ppgs:  40
Ages: 4-8
B&N price:  $9 ish

Four little fancy girls look for dressy shoes to go with their party dresses...only to find it's up to them to create their own masterpieces with glitter, feathers, ribbons and bows!  Sweet and sassy book that girly girl will love.

So, here was a taste of reviews of Grammie Bee's books, and I hope you'll come back as I review more in the different age groups, including those for the teen and young adult ages. 

I believe it's up to us as grandparents and parents to introduce and encourage our children to read for enjoyment and for their foundation of learning. When my sons were in law school some years ago, and at different times, they both called to tell me it was because of their life-long reading that they were able to keep up with the vast assignments required. 

It's the old addage that I keep in mind when I search for books these days for my little grands:

"The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the farther you go!"

If you have suggestions for books, please leave them in a comment, I would be so happy to include them in a new post and to give you credit for the referral!

Thanks for buzzin' by...    Grammie Bee

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  1. These are incredible picks. My son Kellan LOVES the Little Critter books. They are colorful and fun for him to look at. The books are funny for children and adults alike! I love how the illustrations really compliment the story. We keep collecting new Little Critter books. He never tires of them. A great collection! 5 stars! I love this blog!