Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully"~ Mom to the Rescue

Published by: Tanglewood
Pages: 32
Genre:  Children's Fiction, Ages 4-8

Gram's Buzz :

Chester and his friends are terrified of the playground bully. Thankfully, they have Chester's mom to go to for wisdom and practical advice on how to take charge of the situation and tame the bully in question. This is another beautiful book in the Chester series. When children have anxieties, it's always great to have a Chester Raccoon book on hand.

The book seems well targeted for children in the preK-3rd grade categories. Though I'm not sure every younger child will relate as well. I did read it to my 4 yr. old grandson who seemed to understand and love it. However, that may have been due to the relationship between Chester and his mom shining through, along with the cooperation of his friends, more than the details of the bullying situation.

My other concern is the book's length. For children of this age group, it may be too long. Having 32 pages looses a child's attention when he or she's this young.

However, it's a given that children will love Chester and friends. The spectacular illustrations are sure to please them.  Perhaps taken in a two-session reading experience it will be perfect. The beauty of this book makes it another collectible one for a child's library.

4 taming a bully stars

Grammie Bee

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