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Halloween Children's Books~What's New!

I'm interested in taking a look at what's new out there in Children's Books this Halloween for my little grands. All are under the age of 6, except my oldest who's just 9.  This past month, I've been keeping my eye out on the following:

Published by: HarperCollins

Pinkalicious scores again with her Harvest story. I sent this darling new book in the series to my little 5 year old granddaughter, "The Little Squirrel, who loves all things pink!

Grammie's gotten her the Pinkalicious series (including "Silverlicious" and the Lord only knows which others!) and now added this one to it, making her perfectly happy, I hope! Not every book for children passes the test with my grandgirls, but they all love this series. I think little girls enjoy the season and Halloween especially when they can relate in the quite pinkish way author Victoria Kann offers. Score another beautiful book for HarperCollins!  I've found adding plain pink nail polish and tiny beaded necklaces with charms makes grandgirl packages even better...  :]

The Little Squirrel's fav. song last I heard:  "If You Want It Put A Ring On It," by Beyonce!  OMG!

Note pink high heels...

The Little Squirrel making way for ducklings in Boston Commons

Published by: HarperCollins

Here's a review by a teacher:

"I bought this book after discovering Pete the Cat this summer. I have two boys that LOVE these books. I also teach first grade and my class is hooked on Pete. They have been singing and retelling the stories for days! Pete is so upbeat and fun that you can't help but have fun and smile with the kids. Plus Pete teaches the lesson that no matter what happens, don't give up and to keep going. He helps the kids understand that attitude is very important especially when things go wrong. This book is a must have for any teacher of young children."

Grammie's Take:   Not really Halloweenish, but a great book nevertheless--

I've been looking at this book for a couple of months and I'm dying to send it to my grandson who lives in Louisiana. He's a total shoe freak!  He's only 3 yrs. old, but he loves his shoes.  I'm also looking at Zappo's for those yellow, electric blue and black indoor soccer shoes to go with the "Pete..." book. Perfect pre-Thanksgiving gifts.

He has a couple pair of the Dr. Seuss high top Chuck Taylors: "Horton Hears a Who," and "Green Eggs and Ham"...or some such; and he has every other kind of  colorful tennis shoe, cowboy boots in black and brown; Batman, Spiderman that lights up when you walk (to his mother's dispare) skateboard Vans, and white dress sneakers.  That "Little Man" lines up his shoes and he's serious!  This could be in part because his grammie always sends him new shoes and books... 
 He also loves to sing along with Justin Beiber, Rhianna and, recently with Keith Urban's "Put You In A Song" or as the Little Man calls it--"Put You in the Car and Drive."

The Little Man in his cowboy boots and Boston Red Socks cap kickin' back in the pumpkin patch
Above also is a Halloween coloring book I sent him for the holiday.   It has awesome projects and exceptional pages to color. Best I've seen for a long time!

This is my favorite collectible hard copy book this Halloween. It's gorgeous!  You sing along to the verses by "On the First Day of Christmas."   The book is a pun...

For my "Moon and Stars" Boy:

My grandchildren live in 5 different States. One way I've found to stay close to them is to read to them over cassette tapes. I've sent each of them a recorder, and I read books to them each a couple of times a year. I chose this book in my recent batch for my soon-to-be 4 yr. old granson.
This darling book takes place by the special! And with a gentle moral about entertaining visitors who may make us see what we're doing in a new way, it is beautifully told and beautifully illustrated. All ends well when the smart and wiley fox leaves the three friends alone again...and realize they've learned some valuable lessons from his visit. My grandsons love an adventure story and a funny one, too. This great little book meets both those criteria!
Grammie read it for my "Moon and Stars" boy...that's how much I tell him I love him. He lives in the San Francisco area.
"Moon and Stars" boy in a snooze after Sea World visit--big brother to "DJ"

Published by: Simon & Schuster

Two of my youngest little grands are just a little over a year each!  What to get for these guys to read for Halloween?  They both already love books.  "The Big Boss" takes after his sister "The Little Squirrel," talks a lot and likes the colors in a book.  My other darling grandson "DJ" whose big brother is "Moon & Stars Boy," is a serious kinda guy who enjoys the pictues and holding his own book with a frowny face.

Here's my review for Barnes and Noble:  My pen name is "Humbee"

This little board book is perfect for younger children. They're probably familiar with Diego and he's like a little friend coming for a visit! It's easy for them to hold, so colorful and not too scary. They get the idea of a Halloween party without being overwhelmed by the sometimes frightening costumes. I like the book for small hands to hold. There are just the right number of pages for them, too!
"The Big Boss" and his dad in MA

"DJ" with his big brother shoppin' with mom--he's a bit older and wiser now! :]
Published by:  Random House

My "Perfect Pearl" should be reading and making art from this beautiful book this year, only Grammie didn't get a chance to send it!  I sent other books instead.  But, never fear little Pearl, Gram's got it covered for next's safe in my hidden room for you! 

I love the colors and the idea of this darling book.  My sweet "Pearl" loves her art projects and she loves dressing up in fancy outfits.  She's the perfect little princess.  Guess what she's being for Halloween...  :]
Dressed up for ballet last year

Who could resist the "Perfect Pearl"

I saved the best for last, right!?  This is "Smushie" Grammie's first grandgirl who was just 9 this September.  In my mind I call her "Meliedotes" because it's a combo of her name and that I dote on her in my heart. Since she has CP, she can only enjoy books that are read to her, and she likes picture books and others that are age-appropriate. I've sent her books from The Magic Treehouse series and about Princesses.

This birthday Grandpop and I sent her jewelry and nail polishes (sparkle pink and yellow) among other things.  She loves girlie, dress-up stuff and tells everyone she's happy and strong!  "Smushie" smiles and laughs a lot!  She's "The Pearl's" big sister.  :]

"Melie" said she wants to be a fashion model for Halloween.  She's always a Princess to me.

Other Halloween Book Suggestions:

These are some I've sent already over the past couple of years or suggest--

Perfect for a little grand's grasp

A Happy Ending:

For grammie book recommendations or those young mothers and young adults may like, please visit my other blogs at--

Thanks so much for stopping by!   Grammie Bee/Deborah

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