Saturday, October 29, 2011

"A Kiss Goodbye" ~ Children of All Ages Can Relate When Chester Raccoon Has to Move!

Published by:  Tanglewood Press
Pages:  32
Ages: Children of all ages

Grammie Bee Tells Why :

Dear Chester is having a difficult time because he is faced with the sad happening that children all over our United States (and the world) have to come to terms with these days:  he has to move away from the security of the home he knows and loves.  He also has to move away from his familiar friends and school.  Many today have to move away from daddys or mommys or grandparents, too.

While his mother does all she can to reassure Chester, he is still sad. Fortunately, he knows how to express his feelings.  He also finds ways to comfort himself. Ultimately, Chester does make the move with his mom and little brother, finds his new home comfortable and meets a new friend.

What makes this book so powerful and beautiful for children is the path that Chester shows them by expressing his feelings of sadness and loss, his fears about moving, and his finding ways to literally carry pieces of his home and room with him to his new house.  These and other ways of coping are invaluable for children in crisis, as well as children who simply have to move for reasons of their parent's work transfers and other purposes. 

Chester's readjustment to his new home shows a child the hope for new friends and a new adventure in a different home.  And, the original "kissing hand" is carried through to assure children and Chester that no matter where he is there's the security of love that's always with him.

The illustrations are, again, simply beautiful and telling of the story in this book.  It can be read from several different venues, but having the hard copy makes it available for a child to pick up whenever he or she needs the extra boost of support and security.

I love this book which I hope to get for my grandsons who've moved to CA.  I've already read the book to the eldest one for his cassette tape from Grammie.

Highly recommended for children of all ages, actually... Moms and Dads, too.

5 safe harbor stars

Grammie Bee

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